product photography

Yves Saint Lauren product photography

I am always trying to think about what can be done for an interesting photograph, and this is no exception. The idea I had was that I could imagine that the perfume was making an entrance after walking up the stairs at the back and moving onto stage though  pair of large white doors, a little like an awards ceremony.

“Ladies and Gentlemen the next award goes to Black Opium by Yves Saint Lauren” and the fanfare starts, then on stage it comes.

For this shot I used a very large white acrylic sheet to give a great reflection, 2 acrylic boxes that act as the entrance, 1 light from behind that would outline the bottle and to fire light though the middle to show the glass and the name. I then added 1 light either side with barn doors to light up the front face. Then 2 black flags were added to the sides at the rear of the bottle to darken the edges of the perfume to give separation from the background. To finish it off, into photoshop to clean up. Lots of work for 1 product, but I love the results.
 Just click on image for larger view.