product photography

Watch product photography

Watch product photography, this has all it’s own challenges with a glass watch face that you do not want to get reflections off, a watch face that you want to show all the detail on and also show the colours as in is the second hand a different colour than the rest of the watch hands, is the watch silver or gold as you want it to show the correct colours and you don’t want to get nasty reflections in it, is the watch strap metal, leather this has a texture or is it just plain, all this has to be taken into consideration before doing watch product photography.

Here I did a watch a Sekonda, wasn’t the advert “a lot of watch for a little money” How old am I remembering that, anyway back to the watch, it was a plain strap so no detail from that, second hand is red white markings all around the face, gold finish and glossy on the gold so have to watch out for bad reflections?

So now for the product photography, this is how I did the watch

I surrounded the watch in diffusers then used just 2 spotlights with barn doors so I could alter how the light shape hit the diffusers and give me nice gradients on the gold on the watch.

I also did not want to have just a website shot so no white background. Next I setup for the splashes as these were going to be added afterwards, so there was one spotlight shining on the background with a blue gel over it so I could have blue splashes, I took nearly 100 splashes for me to choose from, then all this was pulled together in photoshop to give me the final result.

I love watch product photography 🙂