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Food photography, what a great subject this seems to be, we are talking about food. Well not really we are talking about food photography and that is a bit different 🙂 What I am on about today is one light photography, not one studio light, speed light or continuous light, mmmm strange you are thinking what is left, A torch yes you can easily take a photograph with a torch. 

What you need is a camera where you can alter the shutter speed, so depending on the camera you may need the manual to it for this and you will also need manual focus.
To start this setup what you are going to take a photograph of, set it up so you know where everything is and then you need a torch, I have an led torch and it is great for this job and it has a narrow beam of light.
The next bit set up your camera on a stand and manually focus into the item to be photographed, now is the time to set the shutter speed, I normally set mine for 20 seconds, now turn of all other lights, the room needs to be very dark the darker the better. get the torch ready and press the shutter button and paint over the item you are photographing with light. You have 20 seconds to do this. You will find that it takes a little practice but you can get some very pleasing results.

“by Paul Williams”

food photography


product photography

Product Photography for Christmas

There I was full of christmas cheer wondering what product photography I could do with all my new christmas presents, that always relate to photography. So after fighting the dog for the last mince pie the mother in law for the bottle of mulled wine, stole the snow globe from my daughter (don’t worry she will stop crying when I give her the globe back) and away we go to the studio. This was a setup of 5 lights to get all the shading and bright lights on the glass items. There were lights either side, one over the top, one on the far left with a snoot on just to light the cap on the bottle, and one at the front to light the label on the bottle. This was not counting the christmas lights in the background.

Some people in other countries may not understand the layout of this shot, so how it works is, there are christmas lights at the back, a snow globe to the right, the mulled wine is a wine mainly drunk at christmas, the wine glass well thats self explanatory and at the front we have a minced pie also mainly bought at christmas. So this was the reasoning behind the product photography shot

The worst part of the job was getting the glass correct, you see I always like a challenge and my challenge was to get this in one shot. The way this type of product photography shot is normally done is first to get the bottle, then the glass, the snow globe and the minced pie and build them together in photoshop.
This was one shot I swear and just a clean up in photoshop. Don’t think I did to bad really. 🙂

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