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E Cigarette Product Photography

I was commissioned by a client for a new product that he was launching, a new E Cigarette that is a little different than the normal ones you see. The brief was to get some E Cigarette product photography and make it look like it was sexy. The question I had to ask myself was how many ways could it be photographed, because I like to give the client the best value for money, it is good for them and gets me a better name in the field of product photography.

The E Cigarette was delivered and I was pleasantly surprised at how well made they were and that they were new, glossy and not covered in scratches, one in white and one in black. They reminded me a little of an iPhone. All images had to be on a perfect white background.

So if you require images for a catalogue, leaflet of for selling on the internet please give me a call and I will be glad to quote you.

these are the images I got from the session. 2 items 10 images

E Cigarette E Cigarette E Cigarette E Cigarette E Cigarette E Cigarette E Cigarette E Cigarette E Cigarette E Cigarette 

product photography

Water Splash Photography

Isn’t water splash photography a wonderful thing, every time you take a photograph of it it is different you never get 2 shots the same. A company wanted a product shot of a new product to be launched, a water softener. what better way to show it but with a massive water splash. When I finished this shot you would think that my studio had been visited by the fire brigade on a training session.

Well after many many shots of water splashes I put this shot together, I think it just may work.

Splash photography