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Strawberries and Cream

Don’t you just love strawberries and cream. Here we have a little fruit photography with high speed flash to get the movement frozen in time. It looks good enough to eat, or maybe not counting how many times I dropped the strawberry on the floor.


I just love the contrast of the white cream, black background, red strawberry and the green leaves, I just think they go together well.


product photography

Ted Baker Handbag Photography

Now this one I loved to take, this was a Ted Baker handbag that I bought my wife for mothers day and I had to get a photograph of it before she saw it. Have you ever tried to sneak something out of the house without being caught and not looking suspicious. Well I managed it, I put on my dark coat and dark glasses a woolly hat, hid the bag inside my coat and sneaked out to the studio, I did not look obvious honestly.
I wanted to try a photograph with texture on the item so I wanted a good one to try so a Ted Baker handbag was the perfect choice as I think they are very well made.

Moving on to the shot, I decided to do a pure black background just in case at a later date some text might need to be added, the handbag is turned at a slight angle to the camera to show the depth and I used a cream tabletop to enhance the colour of the handbag.

The object of this photograph was to make the shiny parts look shiny like the clasps on the bag, then to make sure the grain of the leather stood out to show the texture and give it a little moody lighting. So after quite a lot of setting up (this is the main part) we have the final result. You will find that if you zoom in close you will be able to see all the grain of the leather and the shiny metal parts. I hope you enjoy this shot as much as I did when I was doing it.

I had to leave the tags on in this shot which i would not normally do because if I had removed them there would have been big trouble. I mean to ask you would you argue with a woman …. not me I am a chicken. 🙂
And my wife never found out, well lucky me 🙂


product photography

Product Photography Silverware

When you are doing product photography, one product that can look boring is knives and forks, now come on think to yourself and see if you can get excited over a knife and fork. I can tell you are ecstatic. As a product photographer doing product photography we need to get excited over any product at any time and find a way of exciting the customer to buy that product.

In this image I tried to make it look a bit different but also make it obvious on what it was, so I suspended the knife and fork on a stainless steel egg cup, this way it gave depth to the shot and makes you look at the background as well as the foreground. The photograph draws you into it, trying to work out what is in the background and how the reflection looks, the sharp edge of the knife just visible as a straight line, the fork reflection looking like it is going in the wrong direction. This was all planed and worked out during the product photography shot. Nothing is left to chance, product photography is an art, just like a painter painting a picture, doing product photography is painting a picture to get the viewer interested so that they will look at a photograph for more than 5 seconds.

The hardest part of these kind of shots is blocking out reflections when taking the shot. You only have the reflections that you put there. The dark reflections on the fork and the knife were put there on purpose, by doing this it makes the item look glossy as they should be. If this shot was just surrounded with white cards or put in a light tent there would be no dark reflections so it would look very flat.


product photography

Splash Photography

On this site you will find some splash photography, now everyone loves splash because you are seeing something that is normally to fast for you to see. People find it fascinating and you will never see 2 images exactly the same. I have scoured about to find a video that will teach you an easy way to have a go.

So get out your paint and camera and have a go, don’t forget the raincoat 🙂


Now you have learned this now is the time to start taking the plunge.

This image was done with a large custom made acrylic tray, 1 spotlight was pointed up from the floor to the bottom of the tray to give a bright light in the centre with a blue coloured gel over the flash. There is another spot light over the top this is a broncolor pin spot, this was put there to light up the front of the bottle. Another spot was added to the front to light up the base of the bottle as it was showing very dark. Then there was a spot either side of the bottle with soft boxes attached to smooth out the light on the sides of the bottle.

I then took about 150 photographs and selected the best bottle shot and the best splashes from the shoot and blended them together in photoshop. When in photoshop I removed any water droplets from the front of the bottle, added contrast and a circular blue gradient to make the blue darker. The writing on the bottle was boosted by repainting the areas around the text to make it stand out. All done in a measly 8 hours, just to get this shot, but I think it was worth it in the long run.


product photography

Product Photography Help

Welcome to my photography website, over the months I will be posting links and tips to information to give you product photography help with your photographs.

It doesn’t matter if you are only taking a picture for selling an item on auction channels, or if you are just trying to improve on your product photography, just hang around here and I am sure I can help.

The problem you get with product photography is trying to get the shot so it looks like it should be on the front of a magazine, when you have an image of a product that makes you feel like touching it then that is the ultimate product photography in my eyes.

I will be starting with a way of getting your product photography better for selling on auction sites without spending a fortune, you will probably have to invest a little but it will be a good investment in the long run as you will then be able to command a higher price for the items you are selling, so your small investment will pay you off.

My personal favourite product that I have shot is the one below of the David Beckham aftershave, this gave it’s own challenges in product photography because of all the nasty reflections that you can get when taking a shot like this. I have taken many product shots but for me this is what product photography is all about.

I will also help you with the equipment you will need and explain the the most inexpensive way of doing it. If you are having any problems with your product photography you only have to ask and I will see if I can advise and help you.

If you are looking for someone to shoot your product just give me a call or send me a message on the contact page and I will see what I can do for you.

You will find loads more images on my flickr account, many different images not all product photographer.

Product photographerafter-shave-beckham