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Product Photography Silverware

When you are doing product photography, one product that can look boring is knives and forks, now come on think to yourself and see if you can get excited over a knife and fork. I can tell you are ecstatic. As a product photographer doing product photography we need to get excited over any product at any time and find a way of exciting the customer to buy that product.

In this image I tried to make it look a bit different but also make it obvious on what it was, so I suspended the knife and fork on a stainless steel egg cup, this way it gave depth to the shot and makes you look at the background as well as the foreground. The photograph draws you into it, trying to work out what is in the background and how the reflection looks, the sharp edge of the knife just visible as a straight line, the fork reflection looking like it is going in the wrong direction. This was all planed and worked out during the product photography shot. Nothing is left to chance, product photography is an art, just like a painter painting a picture, doing product photography is painting a picture to get the viewer interested so that they will look at a photograph for more than 5 seconds.

The hardest part of these kind of shots is blocking out reflections when taking the shot. You only have the reflections that you put there. The dark reflections on the fork and the knife were put there on purpose, by doing this it makes the item look glossy as they should be. If this shot was just surrounded with white cards or put in a light tent there would be no dark reflections so it would look very flat.