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Creative Product Photography Swarovski Necklace

I saw this necklace and I new this deserved a shot with a difference. It is hard enough to take shots of jewellery because of the reflective surfaces, gemstones and the chain as they all reflect light in different ways, not only that I wanted it to look sexy and desirable for anyone to want to purchase.

So when I hung it up after getting every link to look correct and not be twisted I sat for a while working out what to do with it to make it look different that many other necklace shots you see, If I did it the same way as the usual shots …. white or black background … then it is just another necklace, this was not my idea … it had to be different.

The pendant reminded me of a heart and I though of “my heart is drowning for love” that’s where the liquid came in. I did not want massive splashes, just something that was subtle and would show the beautiful necklace off at its best. This particular shot took about 6 hours to do but I definitely think it was worth it, as it is one of my favourer shots.

Do you think it is different.

necklace 1 small

product photography

Watch Photography

How many ways can you take a photography of a watch, you will probably be amazed. I thought I would have a go to see how many different setups I could do with a cheap watch. To be honest I don’t mind if I wreck this watch as it is a very old one. The only other problem is that with this watch being old it is covered in scratches and takes a very long time in photoshop to get rid of them all.

The first one I did was dark background with the watch on black glossy acrylic to give me a natural reflection. I will be adding to this in the next few days to give you some ideas on watch photography for the next time you want to sell one on one of the auctions sites. As you know now the better it looks the more you get :).

watch photography

So lets carry on same watch white background, good for website and leaflets. I have to admit that I wish I had used a better watch then this would be a lot quicker to do. So what I did with this was to take the same white background photograph and then spun it around to give me 2 versions, one horizontal and one vertical. I will just have to work out what to do next with this watch.

watch photography watch photograph             


Well you could always get a little ambitious and start messing about, with this one I thought I would add a bokeh background a a few sparkles for the base just so it adds a little interest to the photograph. There are many things you can do for backgrounds, this for instance is a piece of glitter covered foam, but you could use a print of your computer, material, clothing, a bag or briefcase and lots more.
I have to go away now and think of another way of photographing this watch.



product photography

Estee Lauder Product shot

Just when you thought that all product photography was the same, I thought it was time to have some fun. You see many product shots that are straight forward, you see product photography that is done with a white or black background for web sites, you see product photographers who will do splash shots. So I wanted to try something different and mess with sand. I wanted to make a mess by throwing same around my studio to see what kind of a product shot I could get.

This was loads of fun and after about 100 sand photography shots and about 60 shots of the products I ended up with this. I have to admit I was very pleased with the results.


product photography

Estée Lauder Product Photography

I saw something like this many moons ago, I cant remember were and thought I would like to try that sometime, so today was the day. This was a 4 light set up, 1 either side, 1 for the background to make it white and a spot with a snoot on to bring out the front of the jar.
With all this setup it was time to do some product photography to happen, but I had to work out how to get this shot and that takes a lot longer than actually taking the shot. In all I thing from idea, then set up, taking the pictures and all the clean up in photoshop it took me about 5 hours, which seems a long time to just do some product photography but I think it is worth it.


product photography

Watch product photography

Watch product photography, this has all it’s own challenges with a glass watch face that you do not want to get reflections off, a watch face that you want to show all the detail on and also show the colours as in is the second hand a different colour than the rest of the watch hands, is the watch silver or gold as you want it to show the correct colours and you don’t want to get nasty reflections in it, is the watch strap metal, leather this has a texture or is it just plain, all this has to be taken into consideration before doing watch product photography.

Here I did a watch a Sekonda, wasn’t the advert “a lot of watch for a little money” How old am I remembering that, anyway back to the watch, it was a plain strap so no detail from that, second hand is red white markings all around the face, gold finish and glossy on the gold so have to watch out for bad reflections?

So now for the product photography, this is how I did the watch

I surrounded the watch in diffusers then used just 2 spotlights with barn doors so I could alter how the light shape hit the diffusers and give me nice gradients on the gold on the watch.

I also did not want to have just a website shot so no white background. Next I setup for the splashes as these were going to be added afterwards, so there was one spotlight shining on the background with a blue gel over it so I could have blue splashes, I took nearly 100 splashes for me to choose from, then all this was pulled together in photoshop to give me the final result.

I love watch product photography 🙂