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Product Photography one light

Product photography one light can it be done. Are you restricted because you do not have enough lights, well here is a one light wonder, totally white background out of the camera to save editing and cutting out, separation between the item and the background as this then shows the item off better and then into photoshop to remove dust and scratches, then boost the contrast.

The setup was a large sheet of polystyrene for the back, you could use paper or a white bed sheet, just make sure it is stretched tight. Then I aimed one light at it and turned it up high, you can determine this if you camera has a highlight alert on it. Then I placed the aerosol that was for the product photography shot onto a clear acrylic sheet, at the front I then added 2 reflectors at the front angled like a funnel (the narrow end nearest the camera, that would catch the bounced light from the back (polystyrene) and reflect it onto the front of the aerosol, the reason for this is that reflected light does not have a tendency to give harsh light on a shiny object, like this aerosol.

I always run on manual so it took 4 shots to get the lighting right with the f stops. 

For the technical people.
This was taken with an Hasselblad H2 with 120 mm macro, at f11 shutter speed, 1/125 second, iso 50. Having said that you could do the same kind of shot with any dslr and still get fantastic results.

So the next time you start wondering how on earth you are going to get that shot because you do not have enough lights, have a think on how you can get around it. The answer is normally reflectors. Remember also if you are shooting glossy subject and you are getting blown out white lights, reflect the light. It works

product photography one shot    product-photographer-lighting-diagram

product photography

Product Photography for Christmas

There I was full of christmas cheer wondering what product photography I could do with all my new christmas presents, that always relate to photography. So after fighting the dog for the last mince pie the mother in law for the bottle of mulled wine, stole the snow globe from my daughter (don’t worry she will stop crying when I give her the globe back) and away we go to the studio. This was a setup of 5 lights to get all the shading and bright lights on the glass items. There were lights either side, one over the top, one on the far left with a snoot on just to light the cap on the bottle, and one at the front to light the label on the bottle. This was not counting the christmas lights in the background.

Some people in other countries may not understand the layout of this shot, so how it works is, there are christmas lights at the back, a snow globe to the right, the mulled wine is a wine mainly drunk at christmas, the wine glass well thats self explanatory and at the front we have a minced pie also mainly bought at christmas. So this was the reasoning behind the product photography shot

The worst part of the job was getting the glass correct, you see I always like a challenge and my challenge was to get this in one shot. The way this type of product photography shot is normally done is first to get the bottle, then the glass, the snow globe and the minced pie and build them together in photoshop.
This was one shot I swear and just a clean up in photoshop. Don’t think I did to bad really. 🙂

Product Photographer

product photography

Light tent

Do you use a light tent or are you thinking of getting one to do your product photography in, well here is a tip that will save you hours of time and get you better images.

There you go what a great tip.

Why you may ask?
Because they are to restrictive and they have darker corners where the wire is so the light cannot be even. You will get shadows where you do not want them, your gradients will be uneven and you will pull your hair out trying to get it right.

What do you do then?
Get some tracing paper double thickness and fix it to a frame, plumbing pipe is great for this, the half inch stuff is perfect, get some elbow connectors and make a square out of it, then Sellotape your tracing paper to the frame. Make 4 or 5 of these and you have a light tent where you can move the sides or top on to get the lighting effect you want. you can move your lights closer or further away to get softer or harder light. You can move your new screens closer or further away to alter the lighting on your item. this you cannot do with a light tent.
The best way is to get your screens closer to your subject you will get better lighting, start with 2 1 either side and work from there.
If you have got a light tent, instead of using tracing paper you could take a pair of scissors to that and use that on your new frames. Now you have found out how to control your light better have a go and see what happens.

I know as I used to have a light tent as well 🙂

product photography

Jewellery Photography

Hi all

I am working on some jewellery photography over the next couple of weeks. This takes a lot of time and patience and quite a bit of work in photoshop to get the jewellery spot on.

Jewellery photography brings its own challenges to make diamonds sparkle and jump out of the page to make the customer want to purchase them. So this is normally done in a couple of stages depending on the jewellery.
First we have to look at the item and decide on how it is to be photographed. For instance, is it silver or gold as they reflect light slightly differently, is it a diamond or a duller stone. If it is a diamond you have to get the diamond facets showing otherwise it looks like a glass blob. If it is a duller stone maybe like a pearl the lighting will be different again as you need to be able to show a rounded shape with gradients, if not then it will look like a disk And not jewellery.

With the metal surface jewellery needs to be separate from the background, it will not look right if part of the ring it blends in with the background, I have seen a lot of jewellery photography that looks fantastic but you find that part of the jewellery is not separated from the background and this just takes the shine off it.

Then you have watches, this is still jewellery, are they shiny or mat, stainless steel, gold or even both, leather, plastic etc. strap. Is the glass flat or curved, is it even glass. You cannot believe the permutations you can have with jewellery photography it is a massive subject. I will be starting with a ring and I will post it in this blog as soon as it is done.

I just had to do this, this ring cost £1.65 p really I bought 3 for £5. So cheap jewellery looks fine when you see it but when you take a photograph it becomes massive and shows up all the imperfections in the metal you see scratches and the mounts are usually damaged.

So I had a go. Next time I will use a better ring as this was hard work. 🙂


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Ecommerce product photography

The internet is the biggest shopping emporium in the world, Ecommerce product photography. On some of these websites you are  only allowed 1 image, a small write up to get your item sold and your impression of your company across to the potential buyer. Not only that it is not just that buyer you want, you need customers that come back over and over again for more of your goods and services.

You have competitors out there we all do, so you need a way of standing out in front of them, this is why companies spend so much on packaging, presentation sells the product and services, the best product photography not only sells your products but sells them at the top price and makes your company look terrific and super professional.

A good product photographer makes you money.

So how long do you have to make a good or bad impression on the world …. Seconds

I saw a business advertising some jewellery on an auction site recently and the images of the items were absolutely useless, I am not being picky here they really were bad and this is a company that I do know sell on amazon and eBay, would you believe that they did not get one bid, what type of image were they putting in the customers head of what kind of company they were.

It does not cost much to get a professional product photographer to take your images up to a standard that makes your product and your company stand out, why not contact us, it costs nothing to ask.

Make more money for your product with a professional product photographer who knows how to do Ecommerce product photography.

Ecommerce product photography

product photography


People normally ask me why I do not take wedding photography, portrait photography or studio shots. the simple answer is I do but not much as I do not believe you can be great at everything. The biggest challenge I found with product photography is the immense challenge in getting the lighting correct.

You may have been to or seen some of these places you can go and get your portrait taken you will find that a lot of them are normally a white background with a white floor and a couple of spots high up in the air in front of you. This is because it is very easy to take a shot with this setup and especially if it is going to be converted to black and white. This will never happen with a photograph with a product, every shot is different even if you need them on a white background, the product you are going to photograph will change everything as far as lighting is concerned, you can spend hours just working out and setting up the layout and the lighting.

I am not saying that other types of photography do not need good lighting they do, but lighting in product photography is so critical, it can either make or break a photograph. I spend many hours trying to get the lighting just right to give the results that I have in my mind and sometimes the mind goes blank 🙂 

I am fascinated by photography, you can capture something that is only there for that second never to be seen again. Splash photography is a perfect example, snap a photo in split second timing freezing drops of liquid at 1/8000 of a second, everyone that you do is different from the next. This is such an exciting thing to do. The most challenging is product photography, as a product photographer to get it right takes many hours just to get the image perfect.

So the answer is I do all photography. I am just a specialist product photographer searching for perfection in every photograph.

Product photographer after-shave-beckham

product photography

Product Photography Silverware

When you are doing product photography, one product that can look boring is knives and forks, now come on think to yourself and see if you can get excited over a knife and fork. I can tell you are ecstatic. As a product photographer doing product photography we need to get excited over any product at any time and find a way of exciting the customer to buy that product.

In this image I tried to make it look a bit different but also make it obvious on what it was, so I suspended the knife and fork on a stainless steel egg cup, this way it gave depth to the shot and makes you look at the background as well as the foreground. The photograph draws you into it, trying to work out what is in the background and how the reflection looks, the sharp edge of the knife just visible as a straight line, the fork reflection looking like it is going in the wrong direction. This was all planed and worked out during the product photography shot. Nothing is left to chance, product photography is an art, just like a painter painting a picture, doing product photography is painting a picture to get the viewer interested so that they will look at a photograph for more than 5 seconds.

The hardest part of these kind of shots is blocking out reflections when taking the shot. You only have the reflections that you put there. The dark reflections on the fork and the knife were put there on purpose, by doing this it makes the item look glossy as they should be. If this shot was just surrounded with white cards or put in a light tent there would be no dark reflections so it would look very flat.


product photography

Splash Photography

On this site you will find some splash photography, now everyone loves splash because you are seeing something that is normally to fast for you to see. People find it fascinating and you will never see 2 images exactly the same. I have scoured about to find a video that will teach you an easy way to have a go.

So get out your paint and camera and have a go, don’t forget the raincoat 🙂


Now you have learned this now is the time to start taking the plunge.

This image was done with a large custom made acrylic tray, 1 spotlight was pointed up from the floor to the bottom of the tray to give a bright light in the centre with a blue coloured gel over the flash. There is another spot light over the top this is a broncolor pin spot, this was put there to light up the front of the bottle. Another spot was added to the front to light up the base of the bottle as it was showing very dark. Then there was a spot either side of the bottle with soft boxes attached to smooth out the light on the sides of the bottle.

I then took about 150 photographs and selected the best bottle shot and the best splashes from the shoot and blended them together in photoshop. When in photoshop I removed any water droplets from the front of the bottle, added contrast and a circular blue gradient to make the blue darker. The writing on the bottle was boosted by repainting the areas around the text to make it stand out. All done in a measly 8 hours, just to get this shot, but I think it was worth it in the long run.


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Product Photography Help

Welcome to my photography website, over the months I will be posting links and tips to information to give you product photography help with your photographs.

It doesn’t matter if you are only taking a picture for selling an item on auction channels, or if you are just trying to improve on your product photography, just hang around here and I am sure I can help.

The problem you get with product photography is trying to get the shot so it looks like it should be on the front of a magazine, when you have an image of a product that makes you feel like touching it then that is the ultimate product photography in my eyes.

I will be starting with a way of getting your product photography better for selling on auction sites without spending a fortune, you will probably have to invest a little but it will be a good investment in the long run as you will then be able to command a higher price for the items you are selling, so your small investment will pay you off.

My personal favourite product that I have shot is the one below of the David Beckham aftershave, this gave it’s own challenges in product photography because of all the nasty reflections that you can get when taking a shot like this. I have taken many product shots but for me this is what product photography is all about.

I will also help you with the equipment you will need and explain the the most inexpensive way of doing it. If you are having any problems with your product photography you only have to ask and I will see if I can advise and help you.

If you are looking for someone to shoot your product just give me a call or send me a message on the contact page and I will see what I can do for you.

You will find loads more images on my flickr account, many different images not all product photographer.

Product photographerafter-shave-beckham