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Watch Photography Nick Cabana

I was requested to do a creative shot for a watch photography, not just a watch it was a Nick Cabana watch which are very nice indeed. The first thing I noticed with this watch is that it was very slim, it reminded me of an omega I had 20 years ago. The watch was rose gold with a metal mesh strap and a beautiful clear face.

So the research begins, what did Nick Cabana say about this watch, what ideas can I find from the web, magazines or social media. I spent a whole week just working out how to do the watch justice with a creative shot. Watch photography takes loads of research.
What came to mind is that this looks like a classy watch and needs to be displayed like that, not like a heavy thick watch that was designed to got to 5 million atmospheres under water, or travel the dessert being towed by a truck and still work. This was a watch that you would wear a suit with, go to the opera maybe wear it when you were being knighted by the queen. 

So I ended up with a keyring from a jaguar, the watch a hasselblad lunar camera, serengeti sunglasses, beautiful piece of wood, leather gloves, high gloss black plexi, Nick Cabana original box, and a small piece of leatherette. With these items I would then be able to show the expensiveness of the watch. As we know it is how good it looks to how much it can be sold at.

See what you think, this is what I came up with. and the quote from the client was. “Hi Paul! Wow, I really like your pics. You really captured the right feeling for the watch.” “I will keep your contact information for the future. We always look to work with good photographers for upcoming projects”

Nick Cabana watch watch photographywatch photographercreative watch photographyjewellery photographer

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Bottle photography

Are you feeling thirsty, then look no further into this post as you will be raiding the fridge.

Here we go with a beer bottle of San Miguel that is supposed to look like it has just come out of the fridge. Can you see the dew running down the bottle, the soft ice still gripping to it ready to quench that thirst of yours, well other than the bottle it is all fake 🙂 This bottle was in my studio for a week before I shot it. This is what a product photographer is asked for, take an Item and make it look sexy, desirable and wanted.
A product shot like this can take up to 3 hours with all the preparation of the bottle and the lighting, but when it is done it is worth it. I would rather spend more time on composition of a shot for the client than rush it. The object is show value for money, make the product look like it is worth the asking price, this take more time.
Sometimes people think that all that is done is just click a button on the camera, but it is the preparation that makes the shot, photoshop is just for the clean up of dust and enhancing a little.

Ok you can go and get that drink out of the fridge now …… cheers.


product photography

Creative shot

This I found an interesting shot, a white bottle of kouros with a light stripped background standing on a white table top with no reflection. This would normally take 2 shots 1 for the product and 1 for the background and then put together in photoshop and you would have to get the background to blend into the table as well.

My challenge was how to get this in one shot the just a quick cleanup in photoshop.

I had a broncolor hazy light over the bottle and a Lencarta 600 super fast for the background. The problem comes in when you take the shot as the bottle comes out really nice and crisp and the background is the same. Why is this a problem, well I wanted the background to be soft and smooth. As I said this could be edited in photoshop, but that would not be one shot with minimal photoshop.

The answer was have a totally dark room, the camera is blind with no light :). connect the main light the hazy light to the camera, set the shutter speed to 2 seconds, then take the shot.

The hazy light fires straight away and then I have 2 seconds to hold a smoothing filter infant of the lens and manually fire the rear lights. Because the camera only sees light is sees hazy light nice clear shot and then because I put a smoothing filter in front of the lens and then set off the rear flash this part of the shot would be blurred.

So you get 2 shots in one with hardly any photoshop. Is that just a great way of doing it 🙂 images before and after below, just click on it for larger version.

Kouros finished shot








Straight from camera
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Creative Product Photography Swarovski Necklace

I saw this necklace and I new this deserved a shot with a difference. It is hard enough to take shots of jewellery because of the reflective surfaces, gemstones and the chain as they all reflect light in different ways, not only that I wanted it to look sexy and desirable for anyone to want to purchase.

So when I hung it up after getting every link to look correct and not be twisted I sat for a while working out what to do with it to make it look different that many other necklace shots you see, If I did it the same way as the usual shots …. white or black background … then it is just another necklace, this was not my idea … it had to be different.

The pendant reminded me of a heart and I though of “my heart is drowning for love” that’s where the liquid came in. I did not want massive splashes, just something that was subtle and would show the beautiful necklace off at its best. This particular shot took about 6 hours to do but I definitely think it was worth it, as it is one of my favourer shots.

Do you think it is different.

necklace 1 small

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Product Selling

How do you get the best price or sell more of your product.
Well lets look into other successful businesses. Some of the very big names in business spend a lot of time getting things to look right, making them look more than value for money.
The time that is spent on a product name, packaging, labelling, leaflets, and advertising is massive. Why do they do this? Well they simply want to make as much money as possible and sell as many units as they possibly can, they want to sell more than there competitor, they want to have a bigger business than there competitor. So much money and time is spent in the overall marketing of the product just to sell it. But isn’t that what it is all about. Sell as much as possible in the shortest amount of time and make a good profit. Profit is not a bad word, profit is what makes the world go around. Profit is what takes you onto your next great product.

The part I was looking at is presentation, the first thing the customer notices before the price is the product, it has to look good, it has to be desirable or even sexy. it does not matter what the price is if it does not look desirable. A massive amount of products are now sold on the internet through website and auction site and all the customer has to judge the product is a picture, in a matter of seconds the customer will make a decision, like or not like, if they like the look of the item they will then look at the price and then specification of the item, then if all that is desirable to them, they will then purchase.

Some of the images I have seen on the internet are ok images that people have tried to do there best with to advertise their product and although they have great ideas and know how to sell the product, they get let down by the first stepping stone the photo of the product.

If you think about it, if it looks better it must sell faster or for a better price that can be offset against the product you are selling. A massive amount of the cost of the product is in what it costs to get it out to the public, so to get better presentation to get a higher price all comes into the costings.

I didn’t pick the prettiest product to do this test with, but I think it shows a point.

logik-1Click on the image to see a large view

I took this image to show that this is a product that would sell on a website, but at what price and how many. There is so much more that could be done with this image.

Click on the image to see a large view

This is a quick version that I did after years of practice and personally I would think it would sell faster and at a higher price.
You make the decisions, do you want to sell more and a higher price then contact me for a quote, it costs nothing to ask.

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Watch Photography

How many ways can you take a photography of a watch, you will probably be amazed. I thought I would have a go to see how many different setups I could do with a cheap watch. To be honest I don’t mind if I wreck this watch as it is a very old one. The only other problem is that with this watch being old it is covered in scratches and takes a very long time in photoshop to get rid of them all.

The first one I did was dark background with the watch on black glossy acrylic to give me a natural reflection. I will be adding to this in the next few days to give you some ideas on watch photography for the next time you want to sell one on one of the auctions sites. As you know now the better it looks the more you get :).

watch photography

So lets carry on same watch white background, good for website and leaflets. I have to admit that I wish I had used a better watch then this would be a lot quicker to do. So what I did with this was to take the same white background photograph and then spun it around to give me 2 versions, one horizontal and one vertical. I will just have to work out what to do next with this watch.

watch photography watch photograph             


Well you could always get a little ambitious and start messing about, with this one I thought I would add a bokeh background a a few sparkles for the base just so it adds a little interest to the photograph. There are many things you can do for backgrounds, this for instance is a piece of glitter covered foam, but you could use a print of your computer, material, clothing, a bag or briefcase and lots more.
I have to go away now and think of another way of photographing this watch.



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E Cigarette Product Photography

I was commissioned by a client for a new product that he was launching, a new E Cigarette that is a little different than the normal ones you see. The brief was to get some E Cigarette product photography and make it look like it was sexy. The question I had to ask myself was how many ways could it be photographed, because I like to give the client the best value for money, it is good for them and gets me a better name in the field of product photography.

The E Cigarette was delivered and I was pleasantly surprised at how well made they were and that they were new, glossy and not covered in scratches, one in white and one in black. They reminded me a little of an iPhone. All images had to be on a perfect white background.

So if you require images for a catalogue, leaflet of for selling on the internet please give me a call and I will be glad to quote you.

these are the images I got from the session. 2 items 10 images

E Cigarette E Cigarette E Cigarette E Cigarette E Cigarette E Cigarette E Cigarette E Cigarette E Cigarette E Cigarette 

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Water Splash Photography

Isn’t water splash photography a wonderful thing, every time you take a photograph of it it is different you never get 2 shots the same. A company wanted a product shot of a new product to be launched, a water softener. what better way to show it but with a massive water splash. When I finished this shot you would think that my studio had been visited by the fire brigade on a training session.

Well after many many shots of water splashes I put this shot together, I think it just may work.

Splash photography

product photography

Food photography

Food photography, what a great subject this seems to be, we are talking about food. Well not really we are talking about food photography and that is a bit different 🙂 What I am on about today is one light photography, not one studio light, speed light or continuous light, mmmm strange you are thinking what is left, A torch yes you can easily take a photograph with a torch. 

What you need is a camera where you can alter the shutter speed, so depending on the camera you may need the manual to it for this and you will also need manual focus.
To start this setup what you are going to take a photograph of, set it up so you know where everything is and then you need a torch, I have an led torch and it is great for this job and it has a narrow beam of light.
The next bit set up your camera on a stand and manually focus into the item to be photographed, now is the time to set the shutter speed, I normally set mine for 20 seconds, now turn of all other lights, the room needs to be very dark the darker the better. get the torch ready and press the shutter button and paint over the item you are photographing with light. You have 20 seconds to do this. You will find that it takes a little practice but you can get some very pleasing results.

“by Paul Williams”

food photography


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Invisible Mannequin Clothing

Well you get asked to many different items with product photography and clothing is one of them, but you want it to look good not like it has been thrown onto a table or worktop and just taken a shot of. As I have always said the better it looks the more it is worth. So this was the influence of the invisible mannequin clothing shot. 

This is a very fiddly shot to do but worth the effort as it makes all the difference to the selling price and the proffesionalism of the web site. If you have a high class web site then you need high quality images for your clothing. I find that clothing images are like taking pictures of models, using the same lighting and set up, the benefit being that the mannequin does not answer back and does exactly what I want it to do 🙂 .

So here we have this ladies top and it has been done so you can even read the label inside. Just click it to see very large version.

clothing photography invisible-maniquin