New Pentax


  • CMOS Sensor 51.4 MP (43.8×32.8mm)
  • New AF module with 27 AF Points
  • High precision exposure control RGB 86K pixels
  • Quick response (continuous shooting 3fps)
  • Full HD Video



Now this does look  like some thing that could take pictures with enough pixels to last a lifetime. I wonder what comes next.

Personally I thought the megapixel war was over, I mean, how many do you need. If you were taking photo’s for a web site 6 megapixel is great and will do very good images, but 51 megapixel is just massive and most people would not have a use for it. Having said that I wouldn’t mind having a play with it just to see what it could do, so mr Pentax if you want another independent test on this amazing camera just send one here and I will put it through the product photography initiation. Can it really do better than my Canon or my Hasselblad.