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Invisible Mannequin Clothing

Well you get asked to many different items with product photography and clothing is one of them, but you want it to look good not like it has been thrown onto a table or worktop and just taken a shot of. As I have always said the better it looks the more it is worth. So this was the influence of the invisible mannequin clothing shot. 

This is a very fiddly shot to do but worth the effort as it makes all the difference to the selling price and the proffesionalism of the web site. If you have a high class web site then you need high quality images for your clothing. I find that clothing images are like taking pictures of models, using the same lighting and set up, the benefit being that the mannequin does not answer back and does exactly what I want it to do 🙂 .

So here we have this ladies top and it has been done so you can even read the label inside. Just click it to see very large version.

clothing photography invisible-maniquin