product photography

Light tent

Do you use a light tent or are you thinking of getting one to do your product photography in, well here is a tip that will save you hours of time and get you better images.

There you go what a great tip.

Why you may ask?
Because they are to restrictive and they have darker corners where the wire is so the light cannot be even. You will get shadows where you do not want them, your gradients will be uneven and you will pull your hair out trying to get it right.

What do you do then?
Get some tracing paper double thickness and fix it to a frame, plumbing pipe is great for this, the half inch stuff is perfect, get some elbow connectors and make a square out of it, then Sellotape your tracing paper to the frame. Make 4 or 5 of these and you have a light tent where you can move the sides or top on to get the lighting effect you want. you can move your lights closer or further away to get softer or harder light. You can move your new screens closer or further away to alter the lighting on your item. this you cannot do with a light tent.
The best way is to get your screens closer to your subject you will get better lighting, start with 2 1 either side and work from there.
If you have got a light tent, instead of using tracing paper you could take a pair of scissors to that and use that on your new frames. Now you have found out how to control your light better have a go and see what happens.

I know as I used to have a light tent as well 🙂