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Footwear Photography

Footwear photography, well I thought I would do a shot of my new pair of shoes before I decided to wreck them by wearing them. What was the thinking behind this shot. Well I wanted to obviously show that they are black, glossy but show the texture of the shoe and I wanted to show the underside of the sole on them, you see part of the attraction of footwear is the sole and we always pick up foot ware and look all around them and look at the underside of the footwear. So when I do footwear photography I like to find all the attractive parts of the footwear and bring them out in a photograph. I always go back to the theory that, the more attractive the photograph the higher price it commands. 

This shot was taken with 3 lights and 2 diffusers either side on a perspex/acrylic surface to give a little reflection as well and one from underneath to light up the sole. That sounds like I am preaching … I will light up your sole…. mmmm not the same thing.

So with some adjustment of the power and positioning of the lights to get smooth gradients on the surface and a spell in photoshop we got this shot. I did it on white background so it could be used on the web or in a magazine, plus this could also have the white background removed and put in another background like the interior of a shoe shop slightly blurred out in.

When you do a perfect white background it is a lot easier to remove the white and add whatever background you wish.

footwear photography shoes

product photography

Product photography design

Well the challenge was set we had to do product photography design and print, I had 3 days to get a new logo, design and label for a new product launch that could be shown to potential clients. Now sometimes, you know how it is you get a mental block and noting seems to come together. Luckily this was not one of those days. So we had a brand name “It’s Gone” I thought that was quite catchy, then we had the specification on what the product did. Next we had a bottle on which the label had to go on. So it was down to work with the clock ticking. The brainstorming session started with 3 of the staff and ideas flew all around until we came up with a logo that could be used on many different types of product. Now for the colour scheme, do we make it bright and bold or do we go for subtle and refined, well beings that I am an over excited person we went for bold and in your face, so it would show up on a supermarket shelf at the end of the isle with the lights off. 🙂

The bottle picture was the classic white bottle on white background, so it could be used for the internet or in a catalogue and large enough for good quality print. What I like to do is to get the product to look a smooth and sexy as possible. I like images that you want to touch, I know it sounds weird but that is the only way I can explain it.

So did we make the deadline, but of course, it doesn’t matter about eating food, who needs that, it doesn’t matter about sleep, its over rated, all that matters is get the job started and finished to make the dead line.