product photography

Bottle photography

Are you feeling thirsty, then look no further into this post as you will be raiding the fridge.

Here we go with a beer bottle of San Miguel that is supposed to look like it has just come out of the fridge. Can you see the dew running down the bottle, the soft ice still gripping to it ready to quench that thirst of yours, well other than the bottle it is all fake 🙂 This bottle was in my studio for a week before I shot it. This is what a product photographer is asked for, take an Item and make it look sexy, desirable and wanted.
A product shot like this can take up to 3 hours with all the preparation of the bottle and the lighting, but when it is done it is worth it. I would rather spend more time on composition of a shot for the client than rush it. The object is show value for money, make the product look like it is worth the asking price, this take more time.
Sometimes people think that all that is done is just click a button on the camera, but it is the preparation that makes the shot, photoshop is just for the clean up of dust and enhancing a little.

Ok you can go and get that drink out of the fridge now …… cheers.