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Invisible Mannequin Clothing

Well you get asked to many different items with product photography and clothing is one of them, but you want it to look good not like it has been thrown onto a table or worktop and just taken a shot of. As I have always said the better it looks the more it is worth. So this was the influence of the invisible mannequin clothing shot. 

This is a very fiddly shot to do but worth the effort as it makes all the difference to the selling price and the proffesionalism of the web site. If you have a high class web site then you need high quality images for your clothing. I find that clothing images are like taking pictures of models, using the same lighting and set up, the benefit being that the mannequin does not answer back and does exactly what I want it to do 🙂 .

So here we have this ladies top and it has been done so you can even read the label inside. Just click it to see very large version.

clothing photography invisible-maniquin

product photography

Product photography design

Well the challenge was set we had to do product photography design and print, I had 3 days to get a new logo, design and label for a new product launch that could be shown to potential clients. Now sometimes, you know how it is you get a mental block and noting seems to come together. Luckily this was not one of those days. So we had a brand name “It’s Gone” I thought that was quite catchy, then we had the specification on what the product did. Next we had a bottle on which the label had to go on. So it was down to work with the clock ticking. The brainstorming session started with 3 of the staff and ideas flew all around until we came up with a logo that could be used on many different types of product. Now for the colour scheme, do we make it bright and bold or do we go for subtle and refined, well beings that I am an over excited person we went for bold and in your face, so it would show up on a supermarket shelf at the end of the isle with the lights off. 🙂

The bottle picture was the classic white bottle on white background, so it could be used for the internet or in a catalogue and large enough for good quality print. What I like to do is to get the product to look a smooth and sexy as possible. I like images that you want to touch, I know it sounds weird but that is the only way I can explain it.

So did we make the deadline, but of course, it doesn’t matter about eating food, who needs that, it doesn’t matter about sleep, its over rated, all that matters is get the job started and finished to make the dead line.


product photography

Product Photography one light

Product photography one light can it be done. Are you restricted because you do not have enough lights, well here is a one light wonder, totally white background out of the camera to save editing and cutting out, separation between the item and the background as this then shows the item off better and then into photoshop to remove dust and scratches, then boost the contrast.

The setup was a large sheet of polystyrene for the back, you could use paper or a white bed sheet, just make sure it is stretched tight. Then I aimed one light at it and turned it up high, you can determine this if you camera has a highlight alert on it. Then I placed the aerosol that was for the product photography shot onto a clear acrylic sheet, at the front I then added 2 reflectors at the front angled like a funnel (the narrow end nearest the camera, that would catch the bounced light from the back (polystyrene) and reflect it onto the front of the aerosol, the reason for this is that reflected light does not have a tendency to give harsh light on a shiny object, like this aerosol.

I always run on manual so it took 4 shots to get the lighting right with the f stops. 

For the technical people.
This was taken with an Hasselblad H2 with 120 mm macro, at f11 shutter speed, 1/125 second, iso 50. Having said that you could do the same kind of shot with any dslr and still get fantastic results.

So the next time you start wondering how on earth you are going to get that shot because you do not have enough lights, have a think on how you can get around it. The answer is normally reflectors. Remember also if you are shooting glossy subject and you are getting blown out white lights, reflect the light. It works

product photography one shot    product-photographer-lighting-diagram