product photography


People normally ask me why I do not take wedding photography, portrait photography or studio shots. the simple answer is I do but not much as I do not believe you can be great at everything. The biggest challenge I found with product photography is the immense challenge in getting the lighting correct.

You may have been to or seen some of these places you can go and get your portrait taken you will find that a lot of them are normally a white background with a white floor and a couple of spots high up in the air in front of you. This is because it is very easy to take a shot with this setup and especially if it is going to be converted to black and white. This will never happen with a photograph with a product, every shot is different even if you need them on a white background, the product you are going to photograph will change everything as far as lighting is concerned, you can spend hours just working out and setting up the layout and the lighting.

I am not saying that other types of photography do not need good lighting they do, but lighting in product photography is so critical, it can either make or break a photograph. I spend many hours trying to get the lighting just right to give the results that I have in my mind and sometimes the mind goes blank 🙂 

I am fascinated by photography, you can capture something that is only there for that second never to be seen again. Splash photography is a perfect example, snap a photo in split second timing freezing drops of liquid at 1/8000 of a second, everyone that you do is different from the next. This is such an exciting thing to do. The most challenging is product photography, as a product photographer to get it right takes many hours just to get the image perfect.

So the answer is I do all photography. I am just a specialist product photographer searching for perfection in every photograph.

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