Perfume Superdry

Perfume Superdry !!!
There any many ways of taking a product shot. The most popular way is for sales on websites, EBay and Amazon, these are pretty straight forward as there is not a lot of creativity as it is a white background.
superdry for men







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Or you can go for something that is a little more creative and make it stand out amongst all the other images that are the same or similar products on the web.

superdry fragrance








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Images that are creative will definitely increase selling price and sales as it is normally telling a story as the one above is saying that the fragrance is oozing out of the bottle and would smell amazing.
The difference in cost to take creative shots is more but commands a different audience.
If you click on the images to see the larger view you can see the difference in the finished quality of the shot. Although if you were only selling on the web you may not wish to go this far.
Which ever way you would like your product photography I can accommodate you, Just give me a call.