product photography

Creative shot

This I found an interesting shot, a white bottle of kouros with a light stripped background standing on a white table top with no reflection. This would normally take 2 shots 1 for the product and 1 for the background and then put together in photoshop and you would have to get the background to blend into the table as well.

My challenge was how to get this in one shot the just a quick cleanup in photoshop.

I had a broncolor hazy light over the bottle and a Lencarta 600 super fast for the background. The problem comes in when you take the shot as the bottle comes out really nice and crisp and the background is the same. Why is this a problem, well I wanted the background to be soft and smooth. As I said this could be edited in photoshop, but that would not be one shot with minimal photoshop.

The answer was have a totally dark room, the camera is blind with no light :). connect the main light the hazy light to the camera, set the shutter speed to 2 seconds, then take the shot.

The hazy light fires straight away and then I have 2 seconds to hold a smoothing filter infant of the lens and manually fire the rear lights. Because the camera only sees light is sees hazy light nice clear shot and then because I put a smoothing filter in front of the lens and then set off the rear flash this part of the shot would be blurred.

So you get 2 shots in one with hardly any photoshop. Is that just a great way of doing it 🙂 images before and after below, just click on it for larger version.

Kouros finished shot








Straight from camera