Commercial Photographer

To be a good commercial photographer you need the right equipment to complete your project.

The new addition to the equipment is the fantastic Hasselblad H5D, a monster of a camera that will extract the best detail out of your commercial photography. Medium format is a fantastic way of getting the best commercial photography I know of.

Canon 5D Mark 3 as good as it gets for a dslr

I have just received the new Broncolor Siros 800 what fantastic light for high speed or colour correctness loads of power what more could anyone want, if you want to read about them try this link Broncolor

Lencarta Safari Li-on (for portable jobs)

Lencarta Superfast Flash great for splash photography

Elinchrom ranger flash with high speed heads.

Broncolor Flash x 3

Broncolor Adjustable Pin Spot for special effects

Broncolor Fresnel

Many Lenses for a multitude of situations

2 more Cstands added to the collection, you need these to look after expensive equipment.

I can’t remember how many light boxes and accessories I have, but there are many.

If you want good commercial photography I have the equipment and the talent to complete the task

I was just thinking how much equipment you need to be a commercial photographer, and if you wish to get into this profession how much space you would need for all the multitude of stands, diffusers, clips card, fibre board, coloured gels, do you know I cannot get to the end of this list as there is always more things needed for a particular application to be a photographer. commercial photographers will have a tendency to specifically manufacture equipment just do do one specific job, but do we throw this stuff away after the job is done …. not a chance, we are people that do not like to throw anything away, you know how it is, just in case. 🙂

Studio Setup, Just setting up to take commercial photographs of Michelin products