Breaking glass

Hi all
A product photographers job can sometimes be exiting. I was asked to photograph some high quality drinking glasses. So I thought yeh no problem. Famous last words LOL.
The glasses I have to admit were beautiful not showing flaws in the glass and crystal clear. I thought to myself this is nice to have a product that requires no extra work e.g. relabelling, removing scratches in photoshop, only a wipe to clean them etc. 
Then I stated to work on them, trust me it was not straight forward, because when I received the glass they were not clear glass but patterned with paint. This started to get complicated. Now the thing is with me I have to get them right, I will not rest until they look right straight out of the camera as sometimes to much photoshop can look fake.
Now comes the best bit, the client wanted something that people would stop and look at if it was on a poster. So no messing out come all the protective gear and a smashing time was had 🙂 The only thing i can say is. This was fun, but the cleaning up of the mess took 2 hours afterwards. Ahh well can’t win them all.

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breaking glass wine glass splash